Entryway Essentials

Today I thought I'd share some key things that I think are essential to make any entryway pleasantly functional {and pretty too!}.

1. A mirror --> Always a good item to have in your entry. One last glance before you head out.

2. Decorative accessories - You don't need many, especially if you have a small space. Just a cute little something to help brighten up the space. A little potted plant would add a nice living element.

3. A good rug or mat --> This is a good thing to help maintain mess from rain, snow, dirt etc.

4. A table or surface of sorts --> It doesn't have to be anything huge {especially if you have a small space}. Just something to set things like mail, keys, and sunglasses on.

5. A pretty bowl or tray --> Or anything to corral small things you don't want to loose. Something to put on said table in #4.

6. A clock --> Running late? Going to be early? It's good to know either way.

{photo: the fancy life}

7. Baskets --> These are always a good thing in my book! A nice large basket on the floor of an entry not only adds texture to your space it adds some storage. These are great to have in any entry to hold scarves, mitts, hats, slippers and whatever else you can think of!

8. Art --> Something for the walls is a must {whether it be a sign, a photo or a print of sorts}. I love this cute little "Home Sweet Apartment" sign that I found at this etsy shop. Super cute.

9. Hooks --> Especially if you have very little closet space. Even a coat rack would be great. Also makes it easy for guests to hang a coat etc. when they stop by.

10. Again with the decorative accessories --> This would be especially lovely on #11.

11. Seating --> If you have the space seating is a nice touch. A small bench, stool, or chair is all you need. Just something that you or your guests can sit down on to tie their shoes or pull on their boots. I like the idea of a small bench that can also function as storage. 

12. Lighting --> This is obvious. But a good overhead light is essential so both you and your guests can see. And how great would this moravian star look in an entry?!

What element or elements do you think are absolutely essential in any entryway?


  1. I love the star, so beautiful in an entry way! Good picks!




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