Touches of Christmas

I don't generally go Christmas crazy around my house. We live in a small apartment and doing a lot of decorating for Christmas would be a bit overwhelming {at least I think so}. 

Here's a peek at the simple touches of Christmas that I added to out entry porch this year.

I got this cute Christmas printable {for free!} from Jones Design Company. I didn't have any extra frames to put it in so I thought I would try just putting it up with some washi tape. It's simple, and I like the look.

I found this drift wood star at Homesense the other week. I liked it so much it just had to come home with me :) I opted out for no wreath this year {I know!} and decided to hang this instead. We don't put a wreath on out front door, just because we have a storm door and well, it just doesn't work so well. So when I do get a wreath I hang it on the door that leads into the kitchen from out entry.
I think it's a nice little switch up from the traditional wreath.

The "JOY" blocks were a gift from a friend a couple of years ago. The willow tree angle is something I had and so was the vase. I just did a little rearranging and that was that.

It's simple and isn't loud. Just small touches of Christmas here and there in my entry, but I like it. 

I wrote my last exam for the semester yesterday so hoping to share some more things with you soon. Next up, I hope to share our Christmas tree!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love the dresser in the entryway! Sometimes just little touches here and there are much more tasteful then a ton of green and red everywhere.

  2. Looks nice. I printed that exact same printable, and in that colour! Where did you buy your Washi tape...I would love to buy some but don't want to order online? Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I bought my washi tape at Michaels - Not called washi there, just "craft tape" :)

  3. Hi Leanne, Thanks for visiting and leaving the kind comment about our Living Room. Love the Christmas touches you have put out, especially that driftwood star. I think I need to find one of those.


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