An Organized Work Space

I recently cleaned up & organized my little work space that I have in our apartment. It's not very big, so I try to keep it clutter free. However, on occasion, papers pile up, mail doesn't get sorted or put away, and sometimes the surface becomes a catch-all. Surely, I'm not the only one this happens to?

I decided to go through everything that I had on the desk, sort through it & then decide what to keep out and what to hide away. I started by clearing everything off and putting it all on the floor. It was easier for me to go through it that way. Just remember, things will get worse before they get better :)

The things I decided to leave out in the open found a home corralled together inside of a large wire basket.
{A mason jar with buttons} 
{A tin cup with pens/pencils/scissors} 
{A basket for stamps & ink pads}
{Glass candle jars for washi tape & pins/paper clips etc.} 
{Note paper}

And yes, you'll notice that I ended up switching some things {see below} - I moved the desk to be more "centred" between the memo board & the photo hang. I also swapped the basket & books to different sides. 

A few other items I kept out {pictured below}:
{A stack of note books/my address book & other important go-to's}
{A bowl with items like: staples, tape & other random odds and ends that are used regularly}
{A box: this is great for hiding items that just didn't have a place - cords, batteries, glue, etc.}

I am aware that something needs to go in the large empty space above the photo hang. 
I'm just not sure what...

For now, my little office nook is organized and the surface is clear.
Let's hope I can try and keep it that way. It's nice to have a space that is already cleared off when I want to get out my sewing machine, sit down and study, do paperwork like bills etc. & craft. 

Here's a few little tips for creating an organized work space...

When organizing your work space/surface:
1. Start with clearing everything off your work surface. You'll want to work with a clean slate.
2. Go through things.
- File away papers that need to be filed.
- Throw out items you don't need {you'll have 'em}.
- Make a pile of essential that you want left out on your desk {ie: pens, pencils, note pads, etc.}.
- Find homes for the items you will no longer be keeping out on your desk.
3. Organize your items. Using jars, baskets, boxes, bowls, etc. organize your essentials so they're easily found and kept tidy when not in use. Guarantee you won't need to head to the store to buy said jars etc. You'd be amazed at what things you'll have lying around that will work out for helping you organize.
4. Find a place for your essentials on your work surface. Once everything is organized into your jars etc. find a place for them on your desk. Move things around until they work for you. If you find the desk is still too cluttered and a lot of your work space is being taken over then pare down, again.
5. Add something cute. A candle, a vase, a framed photo...something you like to look at. Just because it's your work space doesn't mean it can't be pretty. Add a few little touches that will make it enjoyable to work at.

What sorts of tips do have for organizing a work space?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. I can't see my workspace due to the clutter. Your space is so organized and pretty! Motivation to get mine done. I really like your board with the ribbon. Did you buy it or make it yourself?

    1. Thanks, Sara! I'm sure my workspace won't stay that way for long :)
      I didn't make the memo board, found it at Winners/HomeSense!

  2. Beautiful! I love the little owl. I think I've seen him at Homesense? Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I just love yours! Where abouts are you in Canada? I'm a Canadian too!

    1. Yes, got the owl at HomeSense :) I'm in NB. Thanks for the follow - always nice to meet another Canadian blogger!

  3. Oooh, I adore how you are hanging your photos, so darling!!



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