A Fancy Family Home Goal

One thing that Seth and I love talking about are goals.
Whether they be realistic or far off dreams {it's always good to dream, right?}.
A while back I read an article on Apartment Therapy {you can find it here} and immediately sent it off to Seth. It's all about making room in your home to do the things you like. Whether it be sewing, crafting, baking, writing...whatever. If there isn't a place for you to do it, then well, you'll never work away at it. It makes complete sense. You really should go read the article...it says it a lot better than I can :)

After we both read this article we decided that we would really try and create a space where we can both work away at things we like to do. For Seth it is writing and for me it's working away at my blog/writing, crafting & now sewing. We obviously do these things but not as often as we like. Plus, when they do happen it's either at the kitchen table or at this little desk {there's definitely not much space here}. At times it feels like we have stuff everywhere. So after reading this article {it was much before Christmas} we decided that when we could we would put some money aside to create a space where we can sit down and do the things we like. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment so we clearly have limited space and are limited in what we can do.
We did however decide on a desk we wanted and it's big enough for both of us to work at and have our own little space. Last week we finally ordered this table top...

And these desk legs...

Both items are from Ikea and can be found here & here {I really like the mix & match option for creating your own desk...very fun}. I am so excited as they are supposed to be coming this weekend! I can't wait to get the desk all set-up. As for other items that we will put in the space, I'm not sure yet. At some point we will have to get another chair etc. but for right now I am just excited that we will have a proper space for both of us to work at. I am certain I will tweak the space and want to add and redecorate small things here and there and that will come slowly, I'm sure.

I'll keep you updated and will be sure to post pics of the new desk when it arrives!
What do you need to create a space for in your home?