Layering {With Rugs}

The idea of layering rugs is growing on me. At first, I didn't really see the point. A rug on another rug? Why? However, I have realized that I like the look, especially when the larger rug is a neutral and the top layer rug is full of pattern & colour. What a great way to add some extra life to a room.

{find it}

{find it}

{find it}
{Don't you just LOVE this little dining area!?}

Our apartment is all carpet {except for the kitchen & bath}. It's not bad carpet, but it is neutral. I've been thinking at some point it might be fun to get a rug for our inner living area. It would add some colour {that is, if I strayed away from black & white} and another layer of texture. I think it could work. When money & time allows I may go this route. If I do I will definitely let you know!
How do you like the layered look?

Any design ideas that have grown on you lately?