Those of you who follow me on instagram &/or Facebook know that over the weekend our desk finally came! I was so excited and we set it up right away. Here'a a little sneak peek of it all together:

{this is a pic from my instagram, so it's not the greatest...but you get the jist}

I will definitely share a better update soon, but for now a glimpse for you. I also promised Seth I'd try to make the space a little less girly :) So we'll see what I come up with!

Remember when I shared the start of my gallery wall?

Well it still looks like the above. But I thought that I would share that my brother {who took the photo of the London Eye that I have} has an Etsy shop where you can buy the same photo. He's also got some other great photos and you can check them out here. He's got some really great pics & I'm not just saying that because he's my brother :)

In January I won a contest that Megan was having over on her blog {Honey We're Home}. It was a Lulu & Georgia gift card and I was so excited to be able to pick out some lovely things. I had them sent  to my in-laws and I *think* I'll be getting them sometime this week. I can't wait!
Here's a peek at what I went with...

I decided to go with pillows because well, I needed some. And look how pretty! Can't wait to get them and find a place for them :)

Lastly, I am slowly working away at my project page. You'll find it in the sidebar labeled "fancy projects". I'll try and keep it updated with any projects that I do. That way if you're looking for something it will be easy to find.

Just a few ramblings for your Tuesday! Enjoy your day!


  1. The desk is awesome! Can't wait to see it in the space! Gallery wall is coming along nicely too:)

  2. The desk looks great! I love your gallery wall too. I'm thinking of putting one together in my living room. :)


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