Chocolate Chip Scones

The other week I tried my hand at making scones for the first time. I don't eat scones very often, but they are quite delsih. My Dad used to pick up cranberry orange scones from the grocery store (probably when I was in late high school or university?) and they seriously were sooo good. I just loved the flavour of the orange & cranberry mixed together and there was a nice light glaze on them...yup...yum! However, they stopped making them and I haven't found anything like them since.

Anyways, I came across this recipe for chocolate chip scones and thought I'd give them a try. They were quite easy to make, especially since after discussing with Kerry & Shawna on my Facebook page that they can take some effort...especially if you cut them out (thanks for the tips ladies!). These ones mixed well and you simply drop them by spoonfuls on the pan. Perfect. I was also glad to learn that the dough is supposed to be as sticky as it was! I made a few minor changes to the recipe, but other than that I kept things the same.


- 1 1/2 cups + 2 tbsp of flour
- 1/4 cup of sugar
- 2 tsp of baking powder
- A pinch of salt
- 1 cup of chocolate chips
- 1 tbsp of butter melted {I used margarine}
- 1 cup of heavy cream {I used coffee cream}

*I used coffee cream which is 18% because when I was at the store I honestly couldn't remember if "whipping cream" was considered "heavy cream" {FYI: it is}....I actually debated just using skim milk but didn't know if it would ruin them. Anyone know?*


1. Stir together flour, sugar, baking powder & salt. Then add chocolate chips and combine.
2. Next, make a "well" in  the mix and then add the melted butter & cream. Mix together.
3. Scoop the dough onto prepared cookie sheet {original recipe says with parchment paper...I used my baking stone and it worked great!}. Drop by mounds onto cookie sheet using large spoon or a scoop. 

Makes approximately 12-14 scones depending on the size you make, I got 14 out of this batch.
I then sprinkled a dusting of sugar on top and baked at 350 for about 16-20min (ovens vary & where I was using a baking stone it took a bit longer. Keep an eye on them). Bake until they are light brown on top & rotate your pan about halfway through cooking time.
Cool on wire rack.

*You can also brush them with melted butter before you put them in the oven...I didn't do this, maybe of I had they would have "browned" a bit better*


I seriously ate these with earl grey tea while watching Downton Abbey...a great combination & I highly recommend it!

Do you like scones? Have a favourite kind or recipe I should try next?

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  1. This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing, I know my kids would love this!

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