Kitchen Essentials

Today I thought I'd share a few things that I consider to be kitchen essentials.

Okay, before you say anything, these are just a few essentials that I believe have a place in the kitchen besides the usual {you know, good cookware, table & chairs, appliances, etc., you get the jist}.

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- For starters, I always like to have utensils readily available. I don't like to have to dig through drawers just to find that bamboo spoon I'm looking for. So, I have a utensil holder {1} that sits on my counter housing my most used items. I actually have the one pictured above; it's Maxwell & Williams and I love it!

- Storage & organization is key in a kitchen. Admittedly, my kitchen isn't always organized. That being said, when I have things like baskets {2} and canisters {4} it is much easier to stay organized. Wire baskets are a great way to keep things in a cupboard or pantry - you can easily see what they are holding. You could even try leaving a wire basket on the counter top to hold cookbooks. Cute, cute, cute! Also, in my kitchen I have a couple of large jar canisters that I found at Target {just like the one above} - they are great for sugar, flour, or holding things like granola bars etc.

- Great lighting {3} in the kitchen is another essential. It's always good to be able to see exactly what you're digging for in that cupboard and most importantly, it's good to be able to see what you're cooking! It helps if the light fixtures are good looking too! Also, if you have the counter space, try adding a little lamp, it can really warm up the kitchen.

- Does your kitchen lack counter space or you need a bit more storage? Try adding an island or kitchen cart {5}. If your kitchen is on the small side try a cart like pictured above. It could fit a microwave and hold some baskets for extra storage.

-  Trays {6}. I like the idea of having a tray floating around. Whether there's one sitting on the counter holding your coffee & tea supplies, one in the center of the kitchen table to house napkins, salt & pepper, or one on top of the fridge with other items readily at hand, trays are a good thing. They help keep things corralled together and a little less messy.

- Hooks {7} - these are great to have to hang aprons, pot holders & oven mitts by the stove. Again, less digging through drawers!

- Colourful dishes {8} are a must, especially if you have a lot of white going on. They help to liven things up a little and can be a great pop of colour to the space. You don't have to have a whole could simply be a colourful fruit bowl - trust me, it'll make all the difference.

- An extra seat {9}. Whether it's a stool {I personally like stools as they don't take up too much space} or a chair, it's always great to have an extra seat on hand.

- I always like to have a small rug {10} at the kitchen sink in my house. We don't have a dishwasher so a lot of time is spent standing at the sink; therefore, I like to have a little rug/mat. The one pictured above is one that I actually picked up recently from Pier 1. It was on sale and it is definitely a fav. Since it is a jute rug, it hides any potential grime and spills and it cleans up surprisingly easy.

- Lastly, in my kitchen we require some good mugs {11} for our morning cup of joe. It's essential. There's nothing like a good mug to house your coffee {or tea for that matter}.

So that's it. Just a few kitchen essentials besides the absolute obvious.
I'm sure I'm missing something, but these are what came to my mind today.
I'd love to hear what essentials YOU have as a part of your kitchen {or that you would like to have!}.


  1. ahh what a great post Leanna....I am in the process of moving in my own apartment in Boston and have been making shopping lists for each room! Since most Boston apartments tend to be on the tiny side... a kitchen cart will be a must!


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