Painted Cork Coasters

I've got an easy DIY for you all today.
Ever since pinning this & this I wanted to try my hand at painting some coasters of my own {original sources can be found here & here}. Nothing fancy, just something simple.
I finally got around to it & here's how they turned out:

The process was easy. All you need:

- Cork Coasters {I found mine at Michael's for under $4}
- Paint {I used gold left over from this project, green & white - all these I had on hand}
- Paint Brushes
- Masking Tape/Painters Tape/Washi Tape {I used washi tape, it's what I had on hand}

Like I said I went with simple painting. Stripes, polka dots & an "F" for our last name.
To make:

- Simply use your tape to tape off a design you want & paint over it.
I took the tape off when the paint was still slightly wet & then let the coasters finish drying. I also only did one coat of paint. I kind of like how a bit of the cork can be seen under the paint.
- For the polka dots I just did free hand by using the wooden ends of some sponge paint brushes I had. Again, I only did one coat.
- Once they were completely dry I flipped them over and did a design on the back. 

I was going to apply Mod Podge {or a sealer of some sort} but then I didn't. I got to using them the next day. I haven't had any problems with the paint running or anything. I may still seal them somehow & if I do I'll let ya know how that goes.

You may have noticed a peek of one in this post last week.
So far so good. Cute, simple, and useful.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


I've linked this post up to the Pinterest Challenge with Megan, Katie, Sherry & Michelle


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