17 April 2013

Dark Walls Done Right

I don't know about you, but I tend to gravitate towards lighter colours when it comes to paint on the walls. However, from time to time I see dark walls done right & my eyes are opened to a whole new world. I think often times rooms that are painted "dark" can get a bad rap of being heavy, weighed down, and well...dark. Au contraire. Here are a few great spaces with dark walls done right... 

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This is Nester's laundry room and well, not gonna lie, I would love a laundry room just.like.this. She ventured out and painted one wall with dark chalkboard paint and I think it turned out fantastic. Heavy? Not at all. Not even with the charcoal washer & dryer. I think the key here was light accents & added texture. Such a great laundry space {go here to see the before}.

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What a lovely little office space this is. Don't ya think? With the big windows letting in natural light this room is great painted this dark colour {I want to say it's almost a black}. Even the window panes and moldings are painted the same colour as the walls. It works, people, it works. I also love the pairing of all the natural elements: baskets, bamboo shades, wooden desk. I could definitely work here.

These next three spaces are bedrooms and up until now I have always been drawn to a light, airy sleep space. These may have just changed my mind...

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Who's with me?
Again, it's definitely all about how you accent the space. In each of these spaces it goes back to light accents, with some pops of colour, and natural features that add texture to the space and even soften the room a bit. Natural light seems to help a lot too.

After seeing these fantastic examples of darker painted rooms I just may have to try painting a room "dark" someday. What do you think of dark walls?

Hope you've all been having a great week so far! Enjoy your Wednesday! 

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