Decision Time {Chair Choices}

The time has come to make a decision about what to do with the chair that sits at our desk. I've lived with it long enough & now I have a little free time give this thing a makeover. I recently received some fabric from Online Fabric Store and shared the goodies I picked out here. I took 4 of fabrics that were in the running and over the past couple of weeks or so I have had them draped over the seat of the chair. 

I am pretty sure I know what one I'm going to cover the seat with. Care to venture a guess? I would also like to hear what one you think looks best {it's always nice to have a second opinion}.
Also, I am still undecided whether or not to paint the chair, stain it, or keep it as is. I'm going to have to commit sometime soon, but I am just so indecisive. It would obviously look good painted white, I'm not worried about that. But I'm wondering if it would look better freshened with some stain.

This is also keeping me from jumping on board painting it white {because, really, I am always on board for updating furniture with paint}...

There seems to be a little seal/stamp of sorts on it and I have yet to figure out if it means anything {this is the best photo I could get of it}. Perhaps it's important? Maybe I'm reading into it? Who knows. But this is my small dilemma so I thought I would share.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The sun was out in full force here and it's supposed to stick around this week! Great news considering it's the 1st of May tomorrow. Crazy!
Happy Tuesday!