Spring Cleaning 101 {Fancy Style}

I've been beginning to doubt whether spring is actually here or not. It hasn't really presented itself to us yet. However, yesterday was a promising day that it is on it's way {even if it is taking it's sweet time}. It was slightly breezy, sunny & warmer than it has been. Of course that meant I threw the windows open to let the sun stream in and the fresh air flow. My house has been feeling rather stale. You know that feeling? Yeah. I then took it upon myself to start some spring cleaning and create a little list of spring cleaning to do's for my house. Maybe I'm late to the game, but better late than never!

I thought I'd share what cleaning is going to gradually get done in our home over the next little bit.
You all know what needs attention in your own home, so take or leave the list I have, but hopefully with my list you'll be inspired to get some deep cleaning done around your place too!

First off, don't be grossed out. I do a lot of things on this list way more than once a year. Some of them I do weekly. So, not to worry. This is just a list of things that I have noticed around my house lately that need some extra attention in addition to my weekly cleaning that I try and get done around here.
I'm sure there are a ton of other things around my house that could use a deep cleaning, however, these things were brought to my attention yesterday as I took a good look around and inspected my own home.

A couple of other things to remember when spring cleaning...
  • Don't try and clean your whole house in one day {unless that's how you roll, then by all means}. Try and tackle one room a day, if time permits, or one room a week and it will be a lot less stressful. Remember it's not called speed cleaning...it's spring cleaning - it's ok to take your time. Pace yourself.
  • Open up the windows & let in the fresh air while you clean...it'll do wonders and make everything feel that much cleaner.
What sorts of things do you pay extra attention to when spring cleaning your home? Maybe I've missed something major? If so, I'd love to hear! 

Happy cleaning! 


  1. The worse part about cleaning one thing a day is that by the time I get the last thing cleaned, the first thing I cleaned it dirty again, lol

  2. Leanne, I love reading your blog entries because there are some times that I read a certain phrase and can just hear/see you saying it!
    "{unless that's how you roll, then by all means}"...I can picture just how you would say it! And that's a great thing...adds some sweet personality to the discussion :)


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