Pull it Together

 Today I thought I would share a few tips that I like to try and remember when pulling a space together. Whether you are starting from scratch or merely refreshing & updating a space here are a few things to consider...

*Add Some Cozy - It's nice to have at least 1 cozy element in the space. It doesn't have to be over the top cozy in every corner of the room, but a bit of cozy can really say "welcome". You could do this by adding a throw blanket, pillows, or even a rug. If you don't have some of these elements in your space already, they can really make a big difference.  

*Have 1 or 2 Statement Pieces - This could be cabinet, table, chair, it could even be the light fixture. Something that makes the room pop {in a good way}. One standout piece can really make a space and hold the room together. 

*Inviting Furniture - You want to be sure that your furniture invites one to sit & relax. If a guest walked into your home would they be afraid to sit down? After all, sofas are for sitting on.
This couch is just begging to be sat on:

{find it}

*Add Some Texture - It's nice to have a mix of textures in the space. If everything in the room is more on the soft side, consider adding some baskets or a rustic piece to the space.

*Don't Shy Away From Mixing Patterns - Don't be scared to mix patterns in your space. Just because you have a striped rug it doesn't mean you need striped curtains & pillows & lamp shades & well, you get the idea. 
*Side note: this can go beyond pattern. Don't be afraid to mix it up with accessories etc. For example, if you are more traditional with your decor, try adding one contemporary/modern piece or accessory. 
You just might like the look*

{find it}

This is a great example of mixing up styles. A traditional chair, matched with a more modern chevron rug, and a rustic stool as a side table all go so well together!

*Personalize the Space - Make the space your own. A gallery wall of family photos or your favourite pieces, one big piece of art from your favourite artist, integrating a DIY project into the space - these types of things can really make the space more personal and keep it from having a cookie cutter feel. Just remember, it's your space, you have to live there. Make it a place you want to spend time in! 

{find it}

*Add Some Colour - Colour can be scary sometimes. If you avoid colour, or can't quite commit to paint your walls a colour, add a pop of colour another way. Perhaps through your accessories: pillows, vases, frames, a rug, art, etc. These things can easily be swapped out at a later date. I love the idea below:

{find it}

For starters, this kitchen is gorg.eous. That light fixture is definitely a statement piece {like I mentioned above}. Plus, this is a great example of adding colour. There isn't a ton of commitment involved with painting your chairs, and in the end you can always paint them back to a neutral if need be!

Lastly, don't forget that creating a space happens over time. Unless you have the money, resources & time to create/update a room in a week {I know a lot of us don't fall into that category}, creating & updating a space to what you want it to be can take a while. Sometimes a space doesn't come together the way you want for years. It's a journey. Our tastes change over time, we tweak & we edit. The spaces we live in are always evolving {well, if you're like me and are constantly moving things around}. Instead of getting frustrated that everything isn't how you want it right.this.minute, enjoy the process. It's fun to look back and see how far you've come!