Under Sized Side Table, Begone!

A week ago Sunday I made a whirlwind trip to Montreal with my Dad & brother to drop off my nephew. We left at 8am Sunday morning and got back at 3am on Monday. Crazy? Maybe. But all in all it was a fun little trip. The trip of course included a quick stop to Ikea. Seriously, why does the closest one have to be 8hrs away?

Of course I found some goodies. Here's a look at one thing that came home with me 
{perhaps you noticed it in this post}...

{find it}

The Lindved side table.
Some things I am loving about this table:
1. It's metal. That means clean up, if necessary, will be no problem.
2. It's not that heavy.
3. It's sleek & not bulky.
4. It adds a different element of texture to my living room.
5. It gives more surface space.
6. The price was right.

I've had it put together for almost a week now and as you can see I 100% like it already,
with special emphasis on #5 ---> It gives more surface space.
I am no longer working with an under sized side table. I mean, I knew that my previous table was small but I don't think I realized just how small it was until I swapped it out with the Lindved. Now we {along with our guests} will actually have room to set down a drink.

As you can see there's quite a difference in surface space...

Makes a difference, don't ya think?
There's also a significant difference in the height as well.

Yup. I already like it much, much better. Perhaps my lamp in now under sized. 
Oh well. Bit by bit, right?

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. It looks great! I'm twenty minutes away from the nearest IKEA...super spoiled. Now if only I had a car to get there...ha.


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