12 June 2013

Home Office Updates

I thought it was about time to share a little update of our inner living space; aka: our home office nook.
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This is the current state of our inner living space...

For a refresher, here's what the office nook looked like back in January...

And progress...

I'm slowly getting some things crossed off the list...

To Do...

- Get a lamp of some sort for the desk.
- Move that memo board and photo hang & add a few things to the wall.
- Get a second desk chair.
- If funds allow, at some point, add a rug to the space. 
- Find something for the wall. 
- Bonus: I'd also like to paint or stain the rocking chair. 

Ok. So I only have 2-ish items crossed off this list. However, that's more than I had before! 
Slow & steady, right? 
I'm not 100% certain, but I think the next tasks will be to find a lamp & redo the rocking chair in the room.

I do think that the new desk, the makeover of the current chair, and taking the memo board down have changed the space quite a bit already!
What do you think?


  1. its turning out so great! I think taking step by step is a really fun way to get a big project done! Although I am sure you are itching for it to be complete!

    ps. love those flowers. so beautiful

    1. Thanks Candice! It is fun to look back at the step-by-step process {as much as I would like things done in an instant!} :)


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