18 June 2013

{I Should Have} Let it Be

Sometimes DIY projects don't always go as planned...

The other week while I had the mint paint out, giving a makeover to the terra cotta pots for my herb garden, I decided to put a fresh coat on the top of the dresser in our entry. It had acquired some marks & nicks in it since I painted it last August and thought while I had the paint out I would give it a touch up.

I also thought it would be a good idea to put some sort of seal on top to give it some extra protection.
After a couple of fresh coats of mint on the top & letting it sit and dry for a couple of days, I used what I thought would work as a seal.
The product said it would dry clear, however I have ended up with some brownish streaks all over the top of my dresser. They are a bit difficult to see in a photo, but they are there, trust me {the arrows in the photo below point out some of the more prominent spots}.

Yes. The drips on the corners are my fault. But on the top I applied two very light coats and now, like I said, there are brownish streaks all over. Has this ever happened to anyone? Has anyone ever sealed a piece of furniture that they've painted so as to protect it?
I'd really love to hear any advice & tips that you have.

Anyways, just keeping it real today by sharing a little bit of the ugly that happens around here too.
I'm not here to bash any products as it could be I used it wrong, missed a step, or used the wrong type of product in the first place. Oh well. Trial & error, right?

So, when I muster up the energy, I'm going to try and lightly sand the seal off so as not to cause too much damage and then repaint the top, yet again. I should of just left it alone in the first place.



  1. I've never had any luck putting a protective coat over paint. I thought it was just me!

    1. Thanks for the heads up that it hasn't worked for you either. I'm not sure I'll attempt a protective coat again!


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