06 June 2013

My Herb Garden

I finally got my little herb garden together! I started off with just a few herbs that I knew I would use, but now I am considering heading back to the garden center to get a few other kinds! The "how-to" on creating your own herb garden is probably a no-brainer, but I thought I would share how I threw mine together.

First off, last weekend I shared with you some herb garden inspiration. There are so many ways to "house" your herbs {lots of cute ways!}. I had really wanted to try gold-leafing some terra cotta pots, however I decided to dig out the left over mint paint that I had on hand and dress up some terra cotta pots that way. 

Free paint + very well priced terra cotta pots = cheap {but very cute!} project

Here's what I ended up with:

Once I let the paint dry for a day or two it was time to plant the herbs I picked out!
Here's all the supplies I needed...

Like I said earlier, pretty much a no-brainer. 
Even though there are holes in the bottom of the pots, I added some larger rocks so that all the soil wouldn't wash out the holes every time I watered them. Next I added soil until just over half way up the pot. I then took the herbs out of their containers, plopped them in and added soil all around. 
Watering was next and then topping off with more soil. 
Really, that easy!

I had thought about putting 3 herbs to a pot but then thought with only 2 herbs per pot they would have plenty of room to grow! I didn't want to crowd them too much.

I quite like the end result & I can't wait to make some fresh salsa with my cilantro!
They'll probably move back and forth from our very small front porch to our entry - both get lots of sun.

Here's hoping I can keep these babies alive! 
If there are any herb garden pros out there, tips are welcome! 

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