22 July 2013


After being away for 3 weeks taking a summer class {home on weekends, but they were a total whirlwind}, it's time to play catch-up. Catch-up around the apartment, catch-up with laundry, catch-up with the blog {yay!} and blog reading, catch-up with friends & of course husband.

On top of all this, we're going to be moving {we're staying in the same city, just needing a place with more space}. However, we're not quite sure where yet. We've known we were going to be moving for a bit, but still haven't found a place. And then I was away for 3 weeks, and well, you get the idea. We need to be out of our current place at the end of the month so we best start packing a find a place...quick!

This morning, with coffee in hand, I'm going to attempt to create & organize what I'm thinking is going to be a very large "to do" list. So, while this isn't an overly exciting post, I wanted to let you all know that I'm back and it's time to play catch-up!


  1. Totally know the feeling.

    Good luck on the house hunt!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. Good luck house hunting! It can be such a fun/stressful thing!!


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