15 July 2013

TV Talk

Let's talk TV today. No, not your favourite show {although I'd love to hear what you're watching lately!}. Let's talk the actual TV. You know, the sometimes big thing that hangs on the wall, or sits on/in a cabinet of sorts in your living room/den/family room/some other room in your house? You know, that thing that can sometimes be an eyesore & stick out like a sore thumb? Yeah, that thing.

Well, I'm not gonna lie. My TV sticks out like a sore thumb. We actually don't have cable, so we don't spend a ton of time watching TV. In fact, I hate to admit this, but we still have an old school TV. You know, a TV that's not a flat screen. Yup. We have yet to join the rest of the world & upgrade.

So, if you're in the same boat as me, and looking for ways to make your TV blend with the rest of your decor, you might want to check out these awesome ideas. They all involve a gallery wall surround & they totally work!

This first surround starts with the awesome dresser that sits under the TV. It's gorgeous {and not to mention, well styled!} and helps take the attention away from the big black hole that lingers on the wall. Then there's the fantastic gallery wall that really helps pull it all together.

{find it}

The ceilings in this next space look like they're pretty high, so there's a lot of wall space to work with. The area around the TV could have easily been filled with smaller photos, etc., however, having the larger art and photos really create a great balance with the size of TV.

{find it}

Have you seen Emily's living room? She's been working away at a gallery wall around her TV & I love it! Plus the wall lamps that she added on either side really helps to complete the wall. It also balances things quite well {she gave those wall lamps a little makeover & they turned out awesome! Check it out here}. 

{find it}

Caitlin Creer designed this living room {Run over and check it out! I love that it's a bit of bohemian style mixed with modern}. In the room there is a gallery wall around the TV. It definitely completes the space & the TV totally blends in! Here's a little peek...

{find it}

You also need to check out Ashley & Jamin's {from the Handmade Home} TV wall here. It's a good one too!

So many great examples of how you can help blend your TV into your decor. What do you think? Would you try anything like this to prevent your TV from sticking out like a sore thumb?


  1. LOVE that first one! Ours is currently framed by all of Daniel's studio music equipment :P

  2. Stopping by from Thee Networking Blog Hop and followed you on pinterest. Cute blog :)

    1. Thanks, Denise! I'll be sure to hop over to your blog and take a look around :) Have a great week!


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