29 August 2013


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were able to get away for a nice little vacation. We headed to the Washington, DC area and loved it. We stayed in Maryland and we were only a 10min drive from the city - which worked out great! We explored a little bit of our surroundings in Maryland, a little bit of Virginia & of course, lots of Washington. I thought I'd share a few highlights of our trip with you & today I'm sharing a little bit of Georgetown.

We spent one evening in Georgetown & had planned on going back for another but we ran out of time. Of course one of the reasons I wanted to stop by Georgetown was because I needed to find Georgetown Cupcake, you know, home of DC Cupcakes.

Mission accomplished... 

The line was out the door and we probably waited about 20min to get inside. It went by fast & was totally worth it. While waiting to get in we were given a menu so we had plenty of time to decide what we wanted...

And then we got inside, where our initial decision of what cupcake we wanted to get went right out the window. Because I mean, really...

We ended up with a chocolate ganache {let me tell you...that frosting...} and then we picked a coconut cupcake. They were so tasty. If you're ever in the area & you like cupcakes {who doesn't like cupcakes?!}, you need to check it out.  

Along with the delicious cupcakes, there was also a great Dean & Deluca plus so many other stores and shops! The atmosphere was just lovely. The perfect spot to walk around on a beautiful summer evening.

I also found the cutest Anthropologie. Ever.

I then found 3 other Anthropologies on the trip {and yes, I went in them all}. But this one was just so cute on the outside, I had to share.

Like I said, we were only there for a bit one evening, but we loved it & would definitely go back.
Have you ever been to Georgetown? In my books it's definitely worth a visit! 

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  1. love this post, I want to go! MP


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