15 August 2013

Thursday Food For Thought

I briefly mentioned in Monday's post that I had an update on our move.
We were supposed to move a couple of days after we got home from vacation {which was on the weekend}. Hence the frantic packing of the entire apartment the day before vacation. If you follow along on Facebook you know that it got to the point where I started dumping drawers into boxes {you know you've been there too, let's just be honest}.
However, we got back from vacation and found out that the renovations in our new apartment aren't done and probably won't be done until September. Perfect.
Thankfully, the landlord of our old place said we could stay until the new place was ready. He also so generously let us store {well, leave} our stuff at the place while we were away.

The upside? We got back from vacation and ALL of our stuff was packed. This is a good thing if you're supposed to be moving in a couple of days. The downside? ALL of our stuff is packed. Not such a good thing when you find out you're not going to be moving for another 3 weeks. 

Our apartment is currently chaos & ever since Sunday I have been opening boxes trying to find things.

Why yes, I did start packing things in garbage bags because I ran out of boxes. Don't judge.

I also may or may not still be eating cereal out of a mug.

So, a couple of things about moving: 
1. Always, always label your boxes in great detail {even if you're just moving down the street}. Otherwise you will go days without being able to find a can opener that you so desperately want and need.
2. Always have your coffee essentials in the SAME box. Label the box: COFFEE. I still haven't found the coffee filters. However, incase you were wondering...Bounty Paper Towels make a great makeshift coffee filter in a pinch.

I've moved from one country to another before. Who would have thought I should have packed with the same detail to move down the street? Lesson learned. 

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  1. I moved so many times when I lived in Seattle I had it down to a science!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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