28 August 2013

Wednesday Randoms

It's Wednesday already! I haven't done a Wednesday Randoms post in a while, so here we go...

The dreaded fitted sheet. Have you mastered the fold? I sure haven't. She makes it look so easy.
Also, how great is the organization of that linen closet?

{find it}

This is seriously the cutest little entry area. Who says your closet doors can't be painted a colour? And how about that awesome space above the closet? It lets some light in, plus it's a great extra storage area.

{find it}

Things have been chaos around here and we're still living out of boxes. All I really want to do is curl up in a space like above {and maybe have a nice long nap}. Is that too much to ask?


As much as I love summer and am sad to see it go, I also love the fall. This quote is so true & it's perfect since fall is just around the corner. Looking forward to that crisp fall air!

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. My mom is a master at the fitted sheet fold and has passed on her expertise. I can give you a few pointers sometime ;)

    Also, your posts always make me wish so much that I lived in a place where I could do all of these things...and then I remember the living situation I am in and what a blessing it really is and now I feel grateful and humbled (but also still anticipating that day of having that freedom to do whatever lovely things I want in my home)!

    1. Katie, Once we get all moved in {which is hopefully this weekend} you guys will have to come to dinner & then you can teach me your tips on folding a fitted sheet :) haha!
      And I know what you mean about having the freedom to do whatever you want to your place ;)


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