17 September 2013

Smells Like: Fall

Good day, all! It's been a while. This whole waiting for the internet guy to come set up internet is really cramping my {blogging} style. Fingers crossed, they are supposed to be coming tomorrow! 

Alright, moving on.

Let's talk about it...that "fall" smell...

This morning it was a bit more crisp as I woke. I loved it! There's something about waking up all cozy & warm and having the cool, crisp air flow in the open window. It's that smell of fall that I can't quite describe. I also love that wood-fire-burning smell that lingers in the air from time to time during this season. Perfection!

And in the apartment this time of year I love me a a good autumn smell as well {obviously with the windows cracked and the cool air flowing in}.
So far the scents I'm loving this fall: Buckleberry {in my Scentsy warmer}, Heirloom Pear & Pumpkin Apple {Bath & Body Works candles}.

The Buckleberry has an apple/berry/spice aroma and it is quite lovely. It is a bit strong, so when I burn it in my warmer I only use about half of a cube {if that}. The Heirloom Pear has a nice comforting sweet smell. Trust me, it's good. The Pumpkin Apple smells of apples with a bit of pumpkin spice thrown in. Plus, how cute are the little mason jars they come in?

What scents are lingering in your homes this fall?


  1. Hello Leanne. Love these candles! Nice aroma!
    I'm visiting Houston, so it's still 90F, doesn't feel like fall yet :(
    Leanne, I see you're a fan of Pinterest and used to link your past projects to the Pinterest Challenge @ Bower Power. Would you be interested in linking your recent Pinterest-inspired projects on my blog OksanaPlusHobbies?
    Here is the Link Party which is going on right now:
    Thank you so very much. I'm your newest follower.

    1. Thanks so much for the follow Oksana and for the heads up! I'll be sure to stop by and take a look :)


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