Kitchen Organizing: Part 1

I don't exactly have everything arranged in the new place quite how I want it yet, but it's coming. With a completely different kitchen layout than our last place, I've found myself arranging things, living with them for a bit, and then rearranging to make things work. Figuring out how to make a new space functional to your needs can take some time. It definitely ends up being a trial & error way of life for a bit. Can anyone relate? 
Here was my space dilemma:

On this side of the kitchen there's really only one cupboard that is ideal for storing everyday dishes such as plates, bowls, glasses, etc. The other cupboards are much too high, I usually have to grab a stool to reach up into those. And don't be fooled, the big long cupboard to the left isn't a pantry, that's where our washer & dryer live.

This brings us to the other side of the kitchen {if you remember from this post it's our island}:

This is the rest of our cupboard space in our kitchen. One other cupboard & some drawers. 
The cupbord currently houses our pantry & food items {that's a whole other post}. So that leaves the drawers. I opted to put mugs & glasses in the one ideal cupboard shown in the first photo. I then thought I'd try housing plates & bowls in the third drawer down. The first drawer hold utensils {again, a whole other post} and the second drawer holds things like ziplock backs, dish cloths & dish towels. As you can see the drawers get "deeper" as they go down and the third one worked perfectly for the amount of plates I needed to stack.

I merely cut a no slip drawer liner to fit the bottom of the drawer and placed my dishes in the drawer. I actually think I like my dishes organized in a drawer better than a cabinet/cupboard. They are at a great height and there's no reaching up high involved. It definitely makes for easy access. Plus, with the no slip liner dishes stay in place very easily when the drawer is opened or closed. 

This functions so well for us.
I'm definitely a fan of having my dishes organized this way. 

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  1. We moved into our house over a year ago.. and I still find myself fixing things and reorganizing to figure out what works and what doesn't..I think it's a never ending process!

  2. Great idea! If only I had more drawers in my little kitchen. Ha. I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter!

  3. love the idea! can i ask where you got your juicer from? it looks awesome!

    1. Thanks :) I found my juicer at a local store called the Urban Almanac a while back. I looked on the bottom and it's made by Bia Cordon Bleu - hope that helps!


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