24 October 2013

The Jute Rug

I've been a fan of the jute rug for quite sometime. In fact, if you were to look at my pinboard "Living Rooms" you'd notice quite a few of the rooms I've pinned contain one. What can I say? I like the neutral & natural texture a jute rug adds to a space. 

About a month ago I stumbled upon a jute rug for a great price at HomeSense. I ended up leaving the store empty handed because I didn't know if the size would be right for our living room or not. After returning home I dug out the tape measure and went room to room to see if I could make it work somewhere. I was still on the fence. All day long I kept thinking of how if I don't go back and get that rug and at least try it out somewhere in the apartment, I would regret it.  Later that night we headed back to the store to see if it was still there (I was sure someone else would have snatched it up), but to my surprise no one had - my lucky day.

The living room is where I really wanted to make the rug work, but because of the size I was uncertain. That being said, I put it there anyway (for now at least).  In all honestly, I still am a little unsure about it. The rug is only a 4x6 and, ideally, I think I'd like it to be a wee bit larger for the space. For those of you who caught the glimpse of our living room in this post, you know the space isn't overly large. 
Here's a look at the rug in the space:

In the photo below there is a chair to the left (that you don't see) and probably about a foot gap, if that, between the chair and the rug.

So that's what I'm working with. Like I said, ideally the rug should probably be bigger. Perhaps a 5x7? But for now, I am trying to make it work. I've even considered layering or doing some overlapping if I could find the right piece.

What do you think? Is it way too small for the space? Doable? I'm sure I'm breaking some design rules by leaving it in the space. I will say though, that just adding the rug (right size or not) has warmed and cozied the room. I needed something, and this is what I have for now until I decide on something else (or not). 

After living with the rug for over a month, overall, I'm happy with it. There are a few more stray fibres popping out than before, but in my opinion it adds to the feel of the rug. I also think if I took a tooth pick I could easily weave them back in. I don't find the rug to be scratchy on the bottom of bare feet (something I was concerned about). I will say that it does shed a little, but I'm sure that's normal? I do like how it can be vacuumed for easy cleaning!

Overall I'm pleased, even if I'm still uncertain about the size.

Yes, for now I think it's working out quite well. 
Are you a fan of the jute rug?

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