The Finishing Touch

I mentioned here that I had a DIY planned for our tree this year. I made these, but the finishing touch for the tree that I wanted to make was the star! Yesterday was stormy and snowy and I finally had the chance to work away at it. It actually came together pretty quick and I'm really happy with the finished product! 

I've been wanting a new star for the tree for the past couple of years but haven't really seen anything that I liked enough to spend money on. However, last year I noticed this one from West Elm and loved it. I thought about ordering it but then I thought maybe I could make it and then nothing ever became of that. So this was the year I thought I'd give it a try at making my own star. It didn't cost me a thing as I had all of the supplies on hand and Seth collected the branches from outdoors for me. 

The whole process was quite easy. I simply cut the branches down to the size I wanted. Once I had the pieces cut, I laid them out in the shape I was hoping for. Next I used gold foil {aka gold leafing} to embellish the branches. Once the pieces were dry I laid them out in the shape of the star and then began hot gluing them together. The middle of the star was pretty much a ball of hot glue and didn't look very pretty, so next I wrapped twine around the middle until it was completely covered. I love that it looks like I tied the branches together.

And that's it! 
I just sort of set it on the top of the tree - no attachment or tying necessary. 

It really completes our rustic woodland tree and I love how it turned out!
I'll be back tomorrow to share the whole tree & touches of Christmas around our apartment!



  2. Pretty! I've been meaning to make ornaments like this with my daughter for our Jesus birthday party coming up soon. Thank you for showing me how you put it together.

    1. Thant sounds so cute! Have fun making them :)

  3. Simple and natural. Just my kind of project.
    Love it!


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