22 January 2014

Bar Stools: The Ones That Got Away

This is the story of the perfect bar stools & why I'm kicking myself. 

Last weekend on Friday night we ventured into HomeSense to check things out {as we occasionally do}. Seth and I got separated in the store {again, this is a usual occurrence} and I found myself over in the furniture section. That's when I saw them. The perfect bar stools. If you remember this post then you'll remember that we've been on the hunt for some bar stools. I still hadn't found any that I liked...until this past weekend. I quickly texted Seth and told him to come find me because I'd found some stools. He made his way over and found me perched on one that I had reached up a grabbed off the higher shelves they were placed on. 

The height was right - 30 inches {I really don't want any smaller that that}. 
The style - well it fell somewhere amongst these that I rounded up last fall:

{for links on where to find these stools head over here}

So the style was definitely right.
In fact, I even took a photo of one with my phone:

Lovely. Right?
They're the perfect combination of rustic meets modern. The wood and the metal go so well together.

Well we ended up leaving the store without them. We had somewhere else we needed to get to and I thought to myself "I will come back to get these". I also thought: "there are 4 of them, they are a great stool but surely 2 will remain". 

Wrong. When I went back they were gone. ALL of them. Not even one remained. Why? Because they were the perfect bar stool & someone else was wiser than me and snatched them up immediately {which is what I should have done, but clearly I wasn't in the right frame of mind}.

Since then, I've seen these two kitchens...

{find it}

What was I thinking?! I'm kicking myself.
Lesson learned. Oh well. 

So the hunt continues. Still looking for bar stools.
Anyone have any similar stories out there? I can't be the only one. 

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