20 January 2014

Bathroom Shelving

Over the weekend we were able to tackle some small projects around our place that we'd been wanting done for a while now. Bathroom shelving can now be crossed off the list!

We needed more "storage" for our tiny little bath. The area under the sink just wasn't cutting it:

Since the space is so small I wanted something simple and non-bulky. We could have easily purchased one of those over the toilet contraptions {I've seen the odd cute one in my day} however, I feel like it really would have weighed the space down; in the end, making the room feel cramped & full.
Enter floating shelves. 
We found these at Home Depot & decided they would do just the trick. 
I know they look like they should be a bit lower, but there were various factors that determined their placement. Factor #1: I decided it might look better if the shelves were centred {as much as possible} with the mirror. Factor #2: There isn't much space between the tub & the toilet. Since the faucet in the tub is at that end of the shower I envisioned {if the shelves were any lower} many head bangs. Lastly, Factor #3: Drilling holes close to the outlet made me a little nervous. Only because this is an apartment & we don't know what's behind those walls {call me paranoid}.
I'm thinking that space below the shelves may be the prime spot for a cute print. Something with colour perhaps? 

I haven't had much time to play with & organize so I'm still working out a system for how things will be stored. You better believe I'm hunting down baskets in my house for what will work best. 

So how was your weekend? Did you make any progress on any projects? 


  1. Nicely done Sethie!! Looks good and a print would be cute! Or a cute little towel rack/hook with a pretty hand towel (or maybe there's one on the left already?)

    1. MP - There is one on the left, but another small one could be an option! I'm leaning more towards a cute print...maybe find one on Etsy! :)


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