23 January 2014

Grocery Store Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in my house. There's just something about walking into a room that has fresh blooms. That being said, I don't generally buy them that often. On the occasion I'll pick up a bouquet here or there, and there are times when Seth will bring some home for me; but other than that...

The weekend tasks in the January Cure (see more details on what I'm doing here) always involve a project of sorts & purchasing flowers for your home. The reason for the flowers: adding a beautiful source of life to your home. Confession: Until last weekend I had been skipping this step.

Last Saturday while at the grocery store I decided to take a glance through the flower shop and I found these lovely green pom pom flowers (not sure that's the technical name, but it will do):

At our grocery store you can find bouquets starting at $6. In all reality that's not a bad price. I was excited to find these for 50% off. Making the total drop to $3. There was the odd flower with brown around the edges, but overall they still looked great. I got them all nestled into a mason jar and only expected they'd last the remainder of the weekend.

Interestingly enough, they're still kickin' 5 days later & look just as good as when I brought them home (I did have to toss the odd stem):

They've definitely made our home a little brighter this week (especially now that the January thaw is over & winter has returned!). I think I'll be checking out the grocery store flowers a little more often because sometimes you just have to pick up those 50% off flowers. They need a home too. 

Do you buy fresh flowers for your home?

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