28 January 2014

Kitchen Organizing: Part 2

My first step in organizing our kitchen was completed shortly after we moved in. You can read all about that here. Thanks to the January Cure that Apartment Therapy is putting on, I now have another area in the kitchen organized!
This time I tackled the utensil drawer.

If you've been following along for a while you'll know that the kitchen in our new place has more space than our old place {cupboards, counters, etc.}. That being said, the extra space is distributed differently. That's why I've had to put our dishes in drawers {which I love, by the way!}. 
In our kitchen we only have 4 {large} drawers. Four drawers, that's it.

As you can see they are large.
Drawer 1 - Houses Utensils
Drawer 2 - Holds dish towels, plastic wrap, etc.
Drawer 3 - The home of our dishes
Drawer 4 - Holds cookie sheets, cutting boards, tupperware & some randoms

The utensil drawer holds our everyday silverware, spatulas, measuring spoons & cups, along with a whole bunch of other random things like scoops, beaters, the rolling pin, etc.
So there's a lot going on in that one drawer.

To get everything in order I started with a clean slate. I started by emptying the whole drawer and going through things. I did purge a few items that I never use, were getting old, or I just no longer needed.

 Next I wiped down the inside of the drawer - it gets surprisingly dirty in there for something that houses clean utensils!
I then shopped our house for basket-like containers to house everything & then attempted a set-up that worked {think of it like a puzzle!}.

After placing my organizers where I liked, I then distributed everything back into the drawer.
Here's a look at what I started with:

Yes, that is one hot mess.

But now everything is a little neater & a lot easier to find!

I know I could have made the drawer a little prettier by using all of the same type of organizer, but instead I opted to use what I had on hand {aka: they were FREE, people!}. 
They do the trick and it's no longer a battlefield when I open this drawer.
That's a win in my books!

This whole project from start to finish took less than half and hour.
I don't know why I didn't organize this drawer sooner.

What have you done to get organized lately?

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