09 January 2014

Living Room Lighten Up

Now that Christmas is cleared out and put away until next year, things are feeling a bit lighter in our living room. Although, there's another reason things are feeling lighter in our living space...

That clunker of a TV is gone. I mentioned last summer in this post that we had yet to join the rest of the world and purchase a flat screen. I guess it was never a huge necessity to us as we don't have cable and we had a TV that worked. So why oh why would we need to upgrade?

While in the states for American Thanksgiving we bit the biscuit and took advantage of some Black Friday sales and decided to order a flat screen. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm loving how it has made the room feel lighter. Funny how one small change can do that.

Now I can't wait to do something with that wall & the dresser that acts as our TV stand.
I love all these ideas that I collected this summer, so perhaps I'll go in that sort of direction. As for the dresser. I like it. It just needs some new life breathed into it as it looks rather beaten up. It's the perfect storage piece and holds our DVD's, CD's and other things like board games, candles etc. 
I'm thinking some paint might be in order. Suggestions welcome :)


  1. The dresser is an easy update..some chalk paint and some hardware!

    1. Laurie, I was thinking chalk paint! Now to pick a colour :)


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