19 February 2014

Guest Rooms & Workspaces

I'll be honest. Ever since we got settled here in September our spare room has been more of a storage space. It's been used to store unpacked boxes, our desk, and those things that you need a place for when you decided to have friends over at the last minute {you know you've been there}. I've been close to having it in order and then something will happen and it seems to collapse again. Oh, and then there are the times I decided to organize and sort, and well we all know that leads to a bigger mess than what you started with. It's been a process. Plus, the month of January I was really trying to get things in order. It involved purging & going through things {which, there's still more to be done} and that was the room that I used to gather everything for donation etc. So I guess you could say I just haven't been able to get ahead. 

Last week we shoved another thing in the spare room: A bed. We finally got a new bed & so we decided to move our old bed to the "spare room" so that friends & family could have a place to stay. Let's just say it has yet to be set up.

We would like the room to be a place of comfort for those who visit as well as a workspace. We have a desk & a bookcase in the room, and with a bed I think it's going to be a tight squeeze. That being said we're hoping to make it work to serve these two purposes. Our desk is rather large as you may remember from here; however, we are going to try and work with what we've got. If we need to pare down and make a change we will. But first we'll try it out with what we have and see how it goes. 

Here's a peek at some great spaces that serve the purpose of workspace & sleep space:

{find it}

{find it}

I'm all for making the best use of the space you have so having a room that serves two purposes is OK with me. Tell me, do you have a room in your house that serves more than one purpose? How does that work out for you?

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