13 February 2014

Looking for Art? {A Promo}

Hello all! I'm popping in today to let you know about a promo that my brother at Jon Billings Photography is doing right now. Jon has just launched an online store of his photography and right now he is doing a promo called "Art-4-Ten".  Here's a snippet from his website on how it works:

How Does it Work?
"Art 4 Ten is based soley around digital downloads. This does a few things. First, completion of the transaction is instant. Once purchased, you will receive an email where you can download the full high res, non-watermarked version of your choice. Second, you can do whatever you want with it! Use it as a background for your computer, get it printed to any size, as many times as you want! And no shipping fees! So just select Digital Downloads from the menu on the left and get started!"
Sounds pretty great, eh? You can own any one of the digital downloads for just $10 right now & there is lots to choose from! 
The gallery wall in our last place housed "The London Eye". 
{You can find it in the black & white collection on his site}.

Here are just a few of my faves:

I'm not gonna lie, I think that this one would be super cute framed in a kid's room!

These are just a few photos that are available & there really is something for everyone!
Again, go here to check out all the details on the promo. You really can't beat getting some art for your home for $10! These prints would also make great gifts! 
The "Art - 4 - Ten" promo is going on until February 23, 2014. 
If you want to stay connected with Jon via Facebook you can head over here. That way you won't miss out on anything new that's happening.
If you do make a purchase let me know what you got and where you plan to put it. I'd also love to see photos of your new art in your home!

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