03 February 2014

New Month, New Tasks

I can't believe we're moving on to February! The January Cure is now over and I am happy to say I did get some things crossed off the list, along with some other tasks that were scheduled along the way.
The list created at the beginning of the month wasn't intended to be completed this month, but rather a list of goals for things to complete throughout the year {phew!}. There was no way I was getting that whole thing accomplished.

I promised to share some updates along the way so here's a little update of what did get done:

As you can see there's still lots to be done, but it feels good to cross some things off.
In a little more detail...

- We finally got some curtains for our living space.
- I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom & got the closet organization started.
- The bathroom is complete {for now}! I'm just wanting to find a little bit of art for the room. The main thing was getting some shelves up & getting a bit more organized.
- The kitchen utensil drawer got a little overhaul & we almost found some bar stools {that counts for something, right?}.

Unfortunately, the entry & spare room didn't exactly get touched {aside from a mirror that got put on the wall in the entry}.
Along with the list I made, Apartment Therapy had those following along with the Cure doing deep cleans and purges all throughout the month.
I'm glad I followed along and even though I didn't get all of the deep cleaning tasks throughout the month complete, it was a start. I also got a good start on my list as well.

It's a new month so it'll be nice to start some new tasks/projects from my list {I'm sure there will be projects that pop up and get added too}. I'm thinking of starting with the coat closet and tackling the spare room next. I'm really dreading that spare room.

How did you make out this month getting things accomplished? 


  1. Leanna - Hi, I too am a 'list maker' - sometimes a good thing - some times a bad thing! Thanks for sharing the great post. Have a wonderful day.

    1. I totally agree with you!
      Thanks for stopping by, Jalon!


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