25 March 2014

Bathroom Update

I finally got around to filling that blank space between the toilet & the shelves in our bathroom. By using a frame we already had on hand and a free printable that I downloaded a while back {I'm trying to remember where I found it!}, the space is finally feeling a little more complete. 

Just incase you need a reminder, here is what we started with. A blank slate...

This bathroom had very little storage space. The only place to store items was under the sink and the space under the sink was nothing to brag about. You can see what I'm talking about here. Floating shelves seemed like the best option for the space so as not to make the bathroom feel more cramped and small than it already is.

I realize that in these photos the piece looks rather small & wimpy in the space. Perhaps it's the angles {it's a small bathroom, with no natural light I may add, and it's hard to get photos!}? I promise you, when you're in the space in person it doesn't look that sad. 

It wasn't what I had initially envisioned, but it's working for now. Sometimes I'm so indecisive. It's good to remember that nothing has to be permanent. I'm also thinking of eventually switching out the shower curtain for something "lighter" {read: white with a ruffle or two perhaps?}. And I'd like to add some other art by the sink above the towel rack. But that will come. Like I said, for now, the bathroom is feeling a bit more complete and I like that.

What have you been updating in your home lately? 

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