20 March 2014

Every Nook & Cranny

I love it when I stumble upon homes and see that the home owner has used every nook & cranny to their advantage. Not in a cluttered way, of course, but in a way that proclaims: I'm making the best of the space I've been given. Whether you live in an apartment, a home you've purchased, or a home you've built, you're bound to come across some spaces where you wonder: 

"What should I do with this space?" 
"How can we use this space to our advantage?" 
"How can I transform this space to best benefit our family?"

The idea isn't to jam as much "stuff" as possible into your home just for the sake of filling a space, but rather to really work with the space you've been given and use it in the best possible way. Using every nook & cranny to it's fullest capacity and making the best of the space you have. 

Spaces like this...

{find it}

Corner spaces can be tricky to work with. The space is there, but how should it be used? Essentially it's dead end space and options are few. In corners like these sometimes the easiest solution is to shove a chair in the corner, add a lamp and be done with it. Many times that works! But, I love how this space is taken to the next level by adding built-in shelves to the ceiling. Not only is this great for storing books, but it's also great for adding personal touches like photos and special trinkets you have collected along the way.

Then there's the window seat. It's better than just putting a chair in the corner and calling it done, although like I said, that would work. However, the window seat adds a couple of seats, a great place for a snooze & it doesn't hinder the view. It also ends up being an added feature in the room that makes the space a little more unique. Such a great way to fill that dead corner space!

This space has used every nook & cranny to it's advantage and it looks great!

Every now & then I'm going to feature spaces like above {I thought it might be a fun little series!}. Spaces where every nook & cranny has been used and spaces where it is evident that the home owner has made the best use of the space they have.

If you have a space where you've used every nook & cranny I'd like to see it! Send me an e-mail with photos or a link to your blog. I'd love to see the spaces you've transformed to make function the best for you and your family and highlight them here at The Fancy Life. Also, if you have a dilemma on your hands and aren't sure how or where to start with a space, let me know that too! We can look at directions you can take so that you can make the nest use of the space you've been given. I'd love to help! You can contact me here: fancyhomelife@gmail.com {title your e-mail "every nook & cranny"}.

It's all about making the best of the space you have! Stay tuned for other "Nook & Cranny" posts!

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