17 March 2014

Making Your Kitchen A Happy Place

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen. That's why it most definitely should be a happy place for you & for others. Whether you love or loathe the everyday tasks that take place in the kitchen, there are a few ways you can make your kitchen a happier place.

1| Add some art to your kitchen space. Just because it's the kitchen it doesn't mean you can't personalize it and put up some paintings or photos that reflect you & your style. We recently moved into a new place and I'm still working on getting things up on the walls. However, I made this piece of art for the space. It's not perfect, it may only be temporary, but at the moment it makes me smile. Surround yourself with some art that you enjoy. Trust me, it'll make the space a little bit happier.

2| Buy that cute soap container. Whether it's a cute ceramic soap pump that you can refill or just a soap container from the store with a fun design, get one or the other. A pop of colour or fun design can make your kitchen space a bit brighter.

And your dish soap? If you keep it out on the counter for easy access consider putting it in a different container. I like to keep mine in a glass olive oil bottle right by the sink. It's much prettier than the original plastic bottle it comes in.

3| Make everyday items fun. If you have the option, make some of the utensils and items that you use and see on a daily basis a little more enjoyable. A little splurge for some cute kitchen accessories is worth it. For instance, I love these milk bottle measuring cups that I have. I keep them out on my counter because they're just so darn cute!

Cute measuring spoons are also a fun little splurge. I like to keep a cute Tbsp in our granola canister. Call me crazy but I think it adds a little extra pop of fun every time I go to scoop out the granola. 

Other great ways you could add a little extra happy in the kitchen? Try adding a colourful fruit bowl that stays on the counter. 

4| Cute & colourful towels. Find some nice dish towels that go well in your kitchen space. Perhaps your kitchen is neutral and any pop of your favourite colour will do. Or if your kitchen has a specific colour throughout it, consider some nicely patterned towels that go well with the colour scheme. Whatever way you go, some cute dish towels can always boost the happy in your kitchen!

5| Clutter free counters. This is a hard one. Kitchen counters can easily become a drop zone for things that don't belong in the kitchen. If this happens regularly in your home try to gather these things and keep them out. One way to help control the clutter is by creating a drop zone, preferably outside of the kitchen. However, placing a basket somewhere in your kitchen for items that get dropped can help keep piles from forming all over the place and keep things under control.

Another rule of thumb for keeping clutter free counters? If you have the room, stash away small appliances that you don't use on a daily basis & keep only the necessities out. When our kitchen counters are clutter free my kitchen is definitely a happier place!

Just a few easy things you can do to transform your kitchen into a happy place!
What have you done to make your kitchen a happy place?


  1. Where did you get your white measuring cups and utensil holder? Love all your ideas, can't wait to find a nice bottle for the dish soap. Great idea. :)

    1. Thanks Sara! :)

      The utensil holder is Maxwell & Williams and the measuring cups are from Anthropologie!

  2. Just reading this post was a day brightener! Thanks :). MP
    Ps I also love the milk bottle <3


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