19 March 2014

Neutral Bedroom Design

I've recently been brainstorming of how I'd like our bedroom to look & feel. It's definitely a work in progress as it hasn't been a room that I've thought too much about lately. However, we purchased a new bed at the end of January. It arrived in February and ever since it's made me rethink the direction of the room {currently, there really isn't one}. 

I'd love the overall feel of the space to be relaxed & comfy. A retreat of sorts. And why shouldn't it be? I don't want the space to be a busy one, but I also don't want it to be too plain. Not too long ago I created this mood board of the direction I'd eventually like to see it go. 

It's not too busy, it's neutral {aka: things can easily be added and swapped out if need be}, it emits a sense of comfort and, well, it's a place I'd like to be. I showed it to Seth and he liked it, which is also important because I want our home to be a space we both like. I'm not saying our room will end up exactly like this, but when we have the funds and when we can work away at it, this is a direction I'd like to go with the space.

It may change over time, but it's always great to create a starting point and have something to work from!

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