25 April 2014

Seeing The Potential

Last weekend a friend of mine was visiting her parents and they happened to be doing a purge of sorts. She texted me asking if there was anything I needed or wanted. Through a series of texts & photos I ended up with these three pieces:

There's something about seeing the potential in old treasures. I'll admit, sometimes it can be hard to look past the present state of older pieces. But once you see that there's a glimmer of hope for a transformation, everything changes.

This little plant stand is weathered and worn. But I have a feeling a little bit of paint will spruce it right up! Plus, all those cracks & distressed lines tell a story and will add to the piece once it has a fresh coat of paint. 

Same goes for this mirror. I love the details of the surrounding frame. The two-tone paint? Not so much. I'm certain that once this piece gets a face lift I'll love it just as much as the previous owner. 

Lastly, I just love the shape of this frame! All this frame needs is a little bit of spray paint and it will be good to go. It did come with the glass but no backing to hold it in. I have a few ideas of what to do with this piece, so we'll see what becomes of it in the end. 

As you can see, I'm feeling a bit more motivated for some projects {finally!}. 
As much as I like new pieces, old pieces can be equally exciting. You just have to look beyond the current state and see the potential of what could be. 

Have you seen the potential in any old pieces lately? Made any transformations? I'd love to hear about them and even see the transformation!

Happy Weekending! 

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