12 May 2014

A Touch of Gold: An Update & Some Inspiration

I'm really trying to whip things up into shape over here. And by that, I mean get projects rolling and try to repurpose/update some of the things we already have. I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need a change. I've had this memo board for quite sometime, but I wasn't liking it as much as when I first purchased it. 

I've had it sitting in a corner for quite sometime and every time I looked at it I wondered what it was about it that I wanted changed. I realized I really wasn't a fan of the ribbon anymore so decided to cut it off with a utility knife. That was easy. I love the linen sort of backdrop so I decided that for now, it was staying. However, after I cut the ribbon off I thought the frame needed a boost. I immediately thought of painting it white but then thought a touch of gold might be a nice touch.

This project over at Little Green Notebook came to mind. 

{find it}

I just loved the gold frame of the chalkboard and thought I could make my own version...with a much less interesting frame & a memo board. 

A couple of other gold frame images that came to mind:

{find it}

{find it}

So here's where I'm at:

I'm not quite finished as I have to do the inside of the frame {you'll notice it's still black right next to the linen}. And I may do one other coat as the black is still seeping though a bit. However, I'm trying to decide if that look adds to it or not.

I posted the above photo on Instagram & on my Facebook page as I was feeling uncertain about the gold and wondering if I should have just went with white. The general consensus was that all seemed to think the gold was a go. I'm going to finish it up, live with it for a bit, and then seen how I feel.

What do you think of the touch of gold? Do you have a touch of gold around your home?

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