16 May 2014

Every Nook & Cranny: In The Kitchen

I can't be the only one who has lived in a kitchen that lacks storage, counter space, drawers, is laid out completely wrong, and just doesn't quite meet the functional needs a kitchen should. When you are living with one or more of said issues and your kitchen isn't quite meeting your needs, you have to make your kitchen function the best way possible using what you have. In other words, work with what you've got! Especially if you are a renter.

Here are a couple of kitchen spaces with excellent ideas of making a kitchen function the best way possible; AKA: using every nook & cranny to meet your kitchen needs. 

I just love this idea. If you're lacking counter space & storage, but have a free wall and the space, purchase a kitchen cart {or two as photographed below & push together!} to create an extra counter & give more storage. What could be a wasted wall becomes utilized, especially if you add a few extra shelves above your new "counter". The added rod holding coffee mugs is great as well! Plus, with the extra shelving it leaves your new counter free of too much clutter. Just a few simple additions and you've got a lot more to work with than what you started with!


This next space is really using every nook & cranny! Extra shelving on the walls, a hanging pot rack {with a shelf!}, baskets added to the tops of the cabinets for extra storage, a spice rack on the wall, and even a shelf above the stove! There's no wasted space in this kitchen! Love it. 

{find it}

A great thing to remember when trying to best use every nook & cranny in your home? Don't be afraid to look beyond the norm and see the potential. That wall space that's between the kitchen sink and the cabinets overhead? Consider putting a shelf in. If you have the wall space, and need the storage, just go for it! 

If you're stuck with a kitchen space that just isn't working for you, look around and see what you can do instead of focusing on what you can't change. Also remember that creating your home involves trial and error. Be OK with that. If you try something out and it doesn't work, move on and try something else!

Using every nook & cranny isn't about filling up EVERY space in your home, it's simply about using the space you do have wisely. What is one way you use every nook & cranny in your kitchen? 

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