06 May 2014

Guest Room/Office Progress

I think I've shared most all of our apartment with you, except for the guest room & our bedroom. Today I thought I'd share the small amount of progress that we've made with the guest room. It is indeed small, but it's progress nonetheless.

Unfortunately, it has taken me a while to get motivated to work on this space. It's actually become a holding cell for laundry and things that don't quite have a home yet. I'm slowly picking away at it and every time we have a house guest I have been scrambling to whip the space up into presentable shape {which seems to be more frequently lately}. For the longest time I didn't even have a window covering and then first time we had someone stay in this room I made a make-shift curtain out of an orange towel {aka: I threw a towel over a tension rod that I had on hand}. Classy, I know.

Thank goodness the orange towel has come down. I found a "for now" curtain that functions quite well and was in my budget. It will probably get replaced sometime, but like I said, it works for now.

Here's a quick look at the room when we first moved in and were in the middle of unpacking:

We've since moved a double bed into the space. I was a little nervous that the room would feel completely cramped and we'd have to do something else with our desk. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it works out alright for the time being. There's more space than you think between the desk & the bed.

The other half of the room that you don't see is still in a state of minor distress. For now, I'll spare you the photos.

Here's a closer look at the new curtain:

So like I said, a bit of progress. It's slowly coming together.
Things that we still need to do in this room:

  • Organize the closet
  • Finish organizing office-y things {this task is almost complete!}
  • Get a bed skirt
  • Think about purchasing or making a headboard
  • Hang some art/photos {there still isn't anything on the walls in here!}
  • Make or buy some new accent pillows {especially since the ones in there now I stole from our bedroom}
  • Get another desk chair
  • Find a small side table or paint that little plant stand that is currently there {it may be small but it's better than nothing}

These are all eventual things and obviously won't happen all at once. It seems like a big list, but totally doable. Like I said, it just may take a while!

It makes me think of this article that I recently read on Apartment Therapy. It's all about not rushing and not settling when it comes to making your house a home. A great reminder that creating your home is a process.

What spaces are you working away at bit by bit in your home?

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