27 May 2014

Neutral Comfort

Neutral comfort.
It's the look & feel we're going for in our home. At least in our living space right now.

Yesterday we celebrated 7 years of marriage! I seriously can't believe how fast time has gone by. It doesn't seem like that long ago we said "I do". In our 7 years of marriage we've mainly had hand-me-down furniture {all of which we were very grateful to be given}. But the time had come to make a purchase and get something that we wanted. After saving up some funds, doing some research, and living with only a love seat & a chair for the past 8 months because I refused to bring our previous sofa to our new place {FYI: it's do-able, but when you have friends over or you want to lie down on said love seat while someone else may be sitting next to you, it's not the best option}, we finally got something new.

We aired on the neutral side of things. Mainly because neutrals are a great base to work with. The other reason being that I'm a fan of white & this natural looking sofa seemed to be calling my name. I {and even Seth was Ok with it} was inclined to go for all white, but then decided that I didn't want to go exactly matchy-match. So we opted for a white chair & beige-ish sofa.

The new pieces are nothing fancy, but they fit us & the way we live {thank you, Ikea!}. They'll also "go" with pretty much anything & adding colour will {hopefully} be easy. They are slipcovered pieces so they can be thrown in the washing machine, and anyone I've talked to has said that they wash up well.

They just arrived over the weekend, so we've only been living with them a few days, but we already love them.

We also want our home to be a place of comfort. And these pieces *hopefully* emit that. Here's a little preview:

*side note: As you can see, I should have ironed the slipcovers before putting them on*

In other news, this was waiting for me by the door yesterday when I came home and I can't wait to get reading it {it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful}!

PS - If anyone knows anything about white slipcovers, it's Nester!

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  1. Hey, Leanne ! I'm a new follower on GFC! I love the colors, they look so serene! Happy 7th yr of love, too! Happy weekend, hun!

    I'd love it if you can follow me back! :)

    Ochi In The City


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