07 May 2014

Patio Furniture Finds

As you know, I've had my mind on the outdoors lately. More specifically, our balcony. That means I've been doing some hunting. Online & in store. I've been compiling ideas and looking for deals. Conclusion: patio furniture can be a bit on the pricey side.

I'm still sourcing, hunting, and trying to figure out what I like; all while trying to find items for a good price! I do have a table on the way. It's one pictured below. Care to venture a guess? I'm crossing my fingers that it's not going to be too big & in the way on our little balcony. It's bistro size-ish so it should work fine.

A few things I'm keeping in mind while looking for pieces for our balcony?

  • Natural textures
  • Lasting material {nothing would be worse than spending money on an item and only getting 1 summer out of it}
  • Adding colour
  • Practical & obviously functional

Below is a little round-up of a few pieces that have caught my eye while on the hunt:

/ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 /

I found the above items all to be relatively well priced. With exception of that bench {9}. Seems a bit pricey, however I just had to include it because it's an overall great piece! I loved the combination if metal & wood and the great design of the back rest. If you have the money to splurge on an item, this would be a good one.

Stools would be a great addition to a smaller balcony as they don't take up much space {see items 2, 4, 6}. I love that stools can be used in a few different ways: to put your feet up, extra seating, OR used as a small side table for drinks, food, etc. I love the idea of 2 {see above} as it would add colour and character, but again, something like this is a bit pricey for a stool. However, on that note, it is an item that could be moved into your home once patio season is finished and used as a side table/stool indoors as well! So it is multi-functional. That's a win.

Tables such as 5 & 7 stuck out to me because they are bistro size and won't take up too much space. Not to mention they're both cute and I love how 7 adds some colour with the mosaic table top.

The chairs pictured above {1 & 8} would both work great for a patio. Again, one adds a colour pop and the other is a bit more neutral. The teal coloured ones are a bit bulkier than the wooden one, so I guess that's something to note. The wooden ones would take up a bit less space, but the teal ones appear to be a bit sturdier and they have arm rests. Both seem like great options and the pricing seems about the norm from the comparing I've been doing.

Lastly, an outdoor rug {3} would be a great added feature to any deck or patio. I realize it's not a necessity, but outdoor rugs are a great way to add texture {they're nice on bare feet too!} and colour or pattern to your outdoor space. The one above is quite well priced for the size it comes in!

These are just a few items that have caught my eye while on the hunt. There are many options out there for patio furniture, the possibilities are endless! With a table on the way and rounding up ideas I think I'm a little bit closer to the kind of patio I want to create! I can't wait to see what we can pull off. And even if we can only get a couple of pieces this summer, it's a start. I'm just ready to enjoy the outdoors!

What sorts of things do you like to think about when investing in patio furniture?

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  1. That rug is awesome. We are thinking of building a sectional this year to replace our table. We think we may get more use out of it.


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