23 June 2014

Bringing The Cottage Home

The cottage.

It's always welcoming, always comfortable & always livable.
It's a place where you can breathe & where everything is "lighter".
It's where you go to relax & rest.
It's a care-free, worry-free, place.
It's a place you want to be. No?

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Don't have a cottage? No problem. Carrying over all the above into our everyday homes isn't overly difficult. Because let's face it, it'd be great to live a bit of the cottage life all year long.

Here are some simple ways to bring the cottage life into your home {whether you have a cottage or not}, so you can enjoy the cottage life year round:

1. Natural textures

  • Adding some natural textures to your home is a sure way to gain that cottage feel. You can do this in a variety of ways. Things like woven baskets, jute {or natural fibre} rugs, wooden furniture or flooring, wooden panelling, linens, the list goes on. Not everything has to be that "natural" look. It could be as simple as adding a wooden or woven tray to your coffee table. Pick one or two things, that's all you need. 

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2. Stripes & Slipcovers

  • I have a thing for stripes. I like them. I'm drawn to them. Stripes on pillows, blankets, rugs, clothing, you get the gist. Give me a good set of stripes and I'm good to go. Get some stripes in your home through pillows, throws, a rug, and if you're feeling adventurous you could always paint an accent wall of stripes. 
  • Slipcovered furniture is another way to get that relaxed look & feel in your home. The added bonus: you can throw them in the washing machine! 

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3. Whites/Neutrals & Cool Tones

  • I know not every cottage is soaked in cool tones & whites. But if you're going for that cottage-y feel in your home, this route is a great one to go. It's sure to make your space feel light, airy, and overall care-free. Plus, cool tones and whites are easy to accessorize. 

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4. A Little Bit of Rustic

  • Even if your home is quite modern, adding a bit of a rustic touch can really help to soften your home. Again, it's a bit of that natural look. In my mind, softening a space = making a space much more comfortable. 

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5. Nautical & Navy

  • A little bit of nautical and navy can go a long way. Again, you don't have to go overboard here, just a touch {maybe one item?} can change a space and add a bit of the cottage to your space. 


I know not everyone is a fan of the cottage & some want the cottage to remain at the cottage only. I'm also not saying we completely turn our home into a cottage. But, I am saying that if we want a relaxing, care-free, comfortable, livable, breathable, welcoming home, borrowing some aspects of the cottage life may be a great place to start.

So if you're looking for a way to lighten your space {in more ways than one}, try adding an aspect or two from the cottage. Look at images & collect ideas, picking out a few elements that draw you to that particular cottage space. Remember, even the slightest changes in our homes can make a huge difference.

You don't have to go full-blown cottage mode but, perhaps it's time to pick and choose a feature or two of the cottage life to add to your home.

Are you a fan of the cottage life?

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