02 July 2014

Our Completed Balcony

Our little balcony space finally feels complete! We'd been waiting for a little table to come {it was on back order} and it finally arrived late last week. Now that it's here, I think it really completes the space.

As a little reminder, here's what we started with:

So, yes, pretty much a blank slate. If we didn't live in a rental I'd stain the deck. But, since we do live in a rental...that's not my job & I'm fine with leaving it be :)

And here's how we filled the space:

Partial Morning Sun
Evening Shade

A few herbs & some flowers for colour

Here's a look at the other end. A little less exciting, but we were able to fit a small BBQ out there too!

In this post I talked about what we were looking for in furniture and the over all feel we were trying to accomplish for the space. I think we accomplished it pretty well. I wanted natural textures, colour pop, a functional & practical space, and lasting pieces. Ok, so we won't really know if the pieces we chose are "lasting" for a while. 

A few of the details incase you're interested:

The Chairs - Found them at Costco. I like that they look like wicker but aren't. They're also quite comfortable {the pillows aren't exactly necessary for comfort}. Another great thing? They stack which will make for easy storage. 

The Table - This came from Ikea. I wanted something a bit different than the chairs {I didn't want match-y match} & I didn't really want glass. I debated just getting a smaller side table, but I'm glad we decided to get a table we could actually eat at if we wanted to. It's a great height and the right size for our small balcony. Plus, it folds flat for storage. 

Pillows, Plants & Planters - The pillows & planters I found at Target and all were on clearance. I waited a bit to make a purchase on these things, but I'm fine with that since it meant getting a deal and not paying full price. The plants were from a local place & I also waited a bit. I didn't go at peak time. That means I had less options, but for something that I'll have to replant next year, I'm Ok with that. Plus, who knows how long I'll be able to keep them alive? :)

The BBQ - We found this {also on sale} at Canadian Tire. It's a Cuisinart portable BBQ. It's the perfect size and doesn't overwhelm the space. Plus, if we really wanted to, we could take it to the beach & camping. Multi-functional.

Full Afternoon Sun

We've really been enjoying having our coffee out here in the mornings. We've even had a few meals out here since our table has arrived and it's been quite lovely. We get part sun in the morning & full sun in the afternoon. That means the evening is full of shade, but that's OK. It's proven to be a nice way to finish off the day!

We are so ready to enjoy this space this summer! 
Do you have an outdoor space that you've been working on updating? 

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