18 September 2014

5 Ways to Make Your Home Fall Cozy

Are you ready? Because it's almost here.

I'm talking about fall. I'm ready and am already embracing the fall weather and everything else that comes with this lovely season: cool crisp mornings & evenings, sweaters & scarves, boots, vests, crunchy leaves...you get the gist.

In order to enjoy the most of this time of year, I've also been slowly adding things here and there to make our home fall cozy. Fully embracing the season change. You don't have to full on decorate your home for fall in order to make it fall cozy. All it takes is a few simple things, and I'll bet your home will be feeling cozy in no time.

Candles - I'm always a candle person, but this time of year {and in the winter} I'm even more of a candle person. I like to light them in the evening. They give off a nice glow & make the house a bit cozier. Plus, it's always a great way to bring yummy fall scents into your home too.
*Obvious caution: don't leave candles unattended. You're welcome.*

Throw blankets & pillows - Whether they're new, fall themed/colours or not, by simply adding one or two more pillows or throws around your house {think living room, bedroom, that random chair in the corner} you'll add to the cozy factor. If you are buying new, think warmer textures, perhaps a knit throw or pillow. You get the idea.

Bake Something - This time of year I want to bake all the things. You too, right? Seriously. I get into the baking {and cooking} mode. It can be as simple as baking on a crisp afternoon or dishing out that comfort crock-pot meal on a cool evening. It'll make your home feel cozy. Trust me.

Pumpkins - There's something about adding pumpkins around your home this time of year that makes it fall cozy. I think it's just that pumpkins are fall, and adding them around your home makes it feel like fall. Pumpkins = Fall & Fall = Cozy...at least in my books. Try adding mini pumpkins in a textured bowl or adding a pumpkin outside on the porch next to some potted Mums. Gourds & squashes of all kinds are great too!

Natural Elements - If they're not already incorporated into your home, adding some natural elements/textures can go a long way. Pull out the baskets to store extra pillows & throws. Add a wooden tray to your coffee table, put some branches from outdoors in a vase, add a natural fibre rug, the list goes on. You can bring in natural elements in many different ways. It's great because it'll add texture and, believe it or not, the rustic natural element of such items also bring a type of warmth to your home.
They really do.

Those are just a few simple ways to make your home fall cozy.
In what ways do you add fall cozy to your home? I'd love to hear!

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