17 October 2014

A Fall Entry

I love seeing a beautifully styled and organized entry anytime of year. But there's something about beautifully styled & organized entry areas/mudrooms in the fall. Here are a few of my favourites that I've seen recently.

{find it}

{find it}

{find it here & here}


Things every fall entry {well, every entry} should have if you have the space:
  • Hooks - It's the time of year for coats & scarves.
  • Seating - If you don't have the space for a bench a simple stool would do.
  • Baskets - These are always great to catch those random accessories, especially if you don't have a closet nearby. 
  • If you have the room...add an element or two of fall. It could be a pumpkin, a wreath, a vase of collected branches, a bowl of pinecones, you get the idea. Something that says "fall" and that you wouldn't necessarily have up or around all year.
We've lived in our apartment for just over a year now. I'm still working away at getting things how I'd like. It's a process. Our entry, if you can call it that, is small and pretty much opens up into our kitchen and living room area. We do have a small coat closet just as you come in, but I'm hoping to finally add some hooks for easy hang-up right when you come in. I recently changed out the dresser that is right as you come into our place. Here's a look:

I like it a bit better than the mint one we had there before. The mint one is now currently serving as a bedside table in our room. I'm debating painting it again, and have another idea for it, but that's another story. The new to us dresser fits the space a bit better and I like the height it brings. I originally wanted to paint it, but I've been enjoying it as is. So we'll see. 

It has ample room for hats, mitts, scarves & whatever else in the drawers. And for fall I've add a small bowl of mini pumpkins in a white washed wooden bowl. Nothing over the top, but it brings a little bit of "fall" into the space. Like I said, it's a process. 

I'm on the hunt for hooks for when you come right in the door & a potential basket for under the dresser. We'll see if I can find anything.

Do you decorate your entry for fall? How do you get your entry fall {or winter} ready?

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*If you can find better sources for any of the photos above, let me know & I will happily change them*


  1. What I'm really curious about is what other purpose could you possibly have for the mint dresser??? I'm so perplexed. MP


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