5 Minute Christmas Card Banner

Christmas has been coming together bit by bit at our house this year. One thing I can finally check off my list is our Christmas cards. Well, almost. All I have to do is pick them up at the post office (I missed the delivery!), address them, and pop them in the mail (better late than never, right?)! This year we used Tiny Prints and I had such a hard time deciding on a card because there are so many great options! I'll share the card we picked a little closer to Christmas :)

Speaking of Christmas cards, we've started receiving them! It's always so fun to go through the mail this time of year and see greetings from friends & family. However, every year, I can never decide how to display them all. Since we live in a small space, putting them on display without them overtaking the apartment can be an issue.

This year I decided to make a really simple banner out of ribbon and hang some of our cards up using mini clothes pins. It really took no time at all and I think it looks super cute. I also added some small mittens that I found in our box of Christmas decorations. I think they add a nice little touch!

To make your own Christmas card banner:

1. Choose some ribbon of your liking.
2. Hang the ribbon on the wall using thumbtacks.
3. Hang your greeting cards on the ribbon using clothes pins (I found my mini clothes pins at Michaels).
4. If you wish, add some sort of embellishment (I added a small pair of mittens). Some sprigs of greenery would be a nice addition too!

That's it!

You can make your banner as big or small as you wish. This project would also be extremely cute strung down a staircase. If only I had a staircase!

My card banner is on the smaller side, so the rest of our Christmas cards that we receive go in a bowl that sits on our entry dresser. I'll occasionally swap cards from the bowl and hang them from the ribbon.

So there you have it. A really simple, albeit cute, way to display those Christmas cards!

How do you like to display Christmas cards that your receive this time of year?


  1. great ideas! i actually have mine displayed on the huge chicken wire frame my husband build for me in my office. i clip them on with little DIY washi tape clothespins.

    merry christmas!! xo


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