Happy New Year!

Hello all, and happy new year!
I hope the Christmas season & new year celebrations treated you well. This year things seemed to go by rather quickly for us. There was lots going on this year, but overall we had a wonderful Christmas season!

Annnnddddd confession. I still have my tree up. You? This year it was a bit late going up and it didn't seem like we had as much time to enjoy it; so I've been hanging on to it for a few extra days. It'll come down this week. Once it does it's time to start prepping for this baby! That's right, Saturday marked 28 weeks {Hello, 3rd trimester! Where did you come from?!} and it's time to get organized for our sweet little doll who is supposed to arrive at the end of March!

I've got some projects up my sleeve and slowly seem to be getting things together {including some future blog posts! Have I mentioned that I miss blogging?}. Yesterday I was able to start & finish a project that I will share with you at a later date. Until then, I'll share a little peek...

As for new year's resolutions, I'm not really one to make them. I have things that yes, I'd like/need to accomplish & get done {especially in regards to this baby coming!}.
But, I will say, one thing I am going to try to be better at this year is saying "no". I can be really great at saying "yes"...and that's good, but sometimes it's bad. I need to remember that it's OK to say "no" to things {anyone with me?}. I intend to pick up this book as I've only heard good things about it. Have you read "The Best Yes"?

I may come up with a few other resolutions, but until then these are some really great things to shoot for...


I'm not really sure where this originated, but I've been seeing it float around Pinterest and I like it. This year I'm just going to try my best. And I'm also going to love on a new little baby who is already bringing us so much joy!

What do you hope for the year ahead?


  1. No is good! Sometimes a necessity! Can't wait to meet her at the end of march!! (Although I'm thinking April 1st would be great... She's here! April fools. No she's really here!! :). )

  2. Ps. Our tree's still up too... Undressed but still in the living room mp


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